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The WWF established the Changsha Programme Office in 1999. The office has completed two phases of wetland protection projects in the center of the Yangtze River region and now is in a third phase known as the "United to protect the river of life" Yangtze River Project (hereinafter referred to as the Yangtze River Project). This multi-phase project has received funding support from the WWF Netherlands branch.
Four provinces, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Anhui, cover the Yangtze River’s middle region of 680,000 square kilometers making it China's largest wetland ecosystem.

Poyang and Dongting Lakes are each one of China's five major fresh water lakes in this region. This region has four internationally important wetlands and boasts one of China’s most abundant wetland resources. In addition, this region is a key winter migratory bird area for Asia, and is classified as a world wetland and biodiversity protection hot spot. Unfortunately, over only several hundred years, there has been a serious decline in the area of these fresh water lakes.

According to records dating back to 1825, the Dongting Lake water covered 6,300 square kilometers, but now has shrunk to one-third of its original size. Excessive reclamation and activity around Poyang Lake has reduced it to 1,466.9 square kilometers and cut off its link to many other lakes and wetlands. Yangtze River was once habitat to more than 350 kinds of birds, more than 600 kinds of water plants, and 400 species of fish and aquatic animals including Bai Qitun and elk, black Nanji and other rare species. Presently though, the Yangtze River biological diversity has gradually disappeared.

The Yangtze River Project since 1999 has done much to restore and protect the wetlands of the Yangtze River along with a coalition of government, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, universities and the media. The projects efforts have included building protected areas, restoring wetlands, providing a model for sustainable resource use, promoting integrated watershed management in compliance with national policies and guidelines, and establishing a "Yangtze River Environment and Development Forum" to encourage public participation.

The Yangtze River project has actively cooperated with the State Forestry Administration to promote the formulation and implementation of a program titled "China Plan of Action for Wetland Protection". The program will promote the restoration and management of internationally important wetlands, as well as perform research and investigation on wetland resources.

Implementing the Yangtze River project will inspire young people and school students to carry out educational activities on wetland protection throughout the country, while cooperation from the media will provide wide publicity on the significance of wetlands and the importance of conserving biodiversity.


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