20 ways to 20%

In our daily lives, we all can save a lot of energy simply by using common sense.

Actions such as raising the thermostat on the air conditioner one degree higher, replacing old incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, or choosing public transportation are easy steps anyone can take to save money and use energy wisely.
To raise public awareness of energy efficiency, and to extensively engage the people of China in energy saving, WWF has launched a large-scale campaign called “20 ways to 20%”. In collaboration with partners, WWF plans to initiate a series of activities, including training, advertising and efficiency contests to help China achieve its 20% efficiency target set in the 11th Five-Year Plan.

Child’s Play

During its first phase, the “20 ways to 20%” campaign has organized a variety of events and outreach activities, such as poster design competition, the Earth Day community activity, and the Live Earth Shanghai concert.
The campaign has won wide attention across the nation. Almost one hundred media outlets, including TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and websites have reported on the campaign. The campaign’s print ads were published in more than 30 magazines and newspapers, and showed on hundreds of light boxes at bus stops and subway stations across Beijing and Shanghai. 20,000 postcards were printed and distributed for free in 1,000 restaurants, bars, and saloons in Beijing. The campaign has set up program cooperation with Beijing Traffic Radio, CRI, and SMG Music Radio. A grand total 756 inspired works of art were collected in our poster design competition. The Earth Day community activity engaged more than 4,000 community residents to make the commitment to save energy. WWF’s “20 ways to 20%” black balloon stunt won the Bronze Prize at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

“Cool Energy Hero” Contest

WWF carries out a “Cool Energy Hero” contest in communities, schools, colleges and online . The contest will run from September 2007 through July 2008, culminating in the “Heroes Award” ceremony, which will be held before the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

There are four categories for award, giving everyone a chance to compete and save energy:

  • Community contest on efficient use of energy. Families in Beijing and Shanghai will participate in the contest. The family saving the most energy per person in a month will be the winner.
  • School efficiency education contest. Schools in Beijing and Shanghai are eligible to participate. Schools developing and implementing the best education program will be the winners.
  • College efficiency communication contest. College students throughout China are encouraged to participate in the contest. Students who develop and implement the best communications scheme will be the winners.
  • Online efficiency contest. Participants will submit their efficiency stories via the website. Those who submit the best stories and strategies will be the winners.

NGO consortium of “20 ways to 20%”

In an effort to extensively engage the public to save energy and help China achieve its 20% national energy efficiency target, WWF set up an NGO consortium including more than 50 influential NGOs in China.
In the coming years, this consortium will carry out a series of national public awareness and engagement programs. These will include programs such as the 26 Degree Air Conditioner project, promoting energy efficiency labeling, green lighting options and green office strategies.

For more information, please visit the “20 ways to 20%” official website at: www.20to20.org.