Chinese Companies in the 21st Century- A Survey on the Social Responsibility and Sustainability of Chinese Companies (II)

Posted on 30 April 2010
The 2009 survey is expected to enhance understanding of the changes needed in Chinese companies on the path towards sustainability. It will enable WWF to provide strategic advice and support to these companies by
allowing better mutual understanding of intentions and challenges.

In the past five years, there have been tremendous changes in both China and the rest of the world. Issues of great importance concerning world development and human survival, such as the global economic crisis
and climate change, are making people more and more conscious of the significance and urgent need for sustainable development.

Developing in sustainable ways will be a long journey fraught with difficulty. Sustainable development, innovation and responsibility have become key concepts in this global endeavour. The survey in 2009 found that many companies have confidence in China leading the world economy.

Companies with global vision have adopted the notion of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development as important strategy for longterm development. More and more companies have recognized the business benefits arising from energy saving and other environmental solutions, i.e. the pursuit of sustainability, no less than of social responsibility, makes sound business sense. Thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders,
including government, media and NGOs, some new concepts, such as low  carbon business and ecological footprint, have been recognized by 40% of the interviewees within the past five years.