WWF China Annual Report 2000

Posted on 01 August 2001
Nature needs to be resilient in China. WWF works in many areas of the earth such as Brazil and Arctic, where one may travel for days or weeks without seeing another soul.
Here in China there is hardly a square foot of land that doesn't bear the imprint of humanity.This raises the question: in a country of 1.3 billion people, can we afford to have nature at all? WWF believes that not only is nature affordable, but the tremendous needs of the human population make conserving the natural areas that remain and creating new spaces for nature vital for the country's future.

Our role as an international organization is to support the government and people
of China in these efforts. In this report, you can read about the progress of our
programmes over the past year to adapt advanced conservation approaches
from around the world to Chinese circumstances, and strengthen China's ability
to solve its own problems.