Sustainable Seafood Certification Officerof Market Transformation Initiative (Beijing)

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Sustainable Seafood Certification Officerof Market Transformation Initiative (Beijing)
The post holder’s role will be leading within China on the promotion and localization of ASC and MSC standards. The role will also support WWF’s wider seafood work in China, including lobbying for policies on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, engaging seafood buyers, and communicating conservation messages to appropriate stakeholders. 
Organization Description: 
WWF is the world’s largest environmental organization, with more than 1300 projects in over 100 countries. WWF is committed to reversing the degradation of our planet's natural environment and to building a future in which human needs are met in harmony with nature. Operating in China since 1980, WWF’s China Programme Office (CPO) now has over one hundred employees working in Beijing and in 8 field offices around the country. Given China’s significant biodiversity and the impact of China’s economic growth on the environment, WWF attaches great importance to its work in China.
The Market Transformation Initiative: 
The Market Transformation Initiative (MTI) works to tip global commodities markets towards sustainability by engaging with leading companies to reduce their environmental footprint. Specifically, MTI has identified 15 global commodities that pose the greatest threat to our priority places and works to engage the companies that dominate the supply chains of those commodities. By working to show that commodities can be produced, traded and used at affordable costs with measurably reduced environmental and social impacts, and by creating a significant demand for such products, MTI has demonstrated that entire commodity markets can be moved towards greater sustainability thereby resulting in large-scale environmentally-beneficial outcomes. 
Building upon the initiative’s success in other regions, WWF has prioritized the development of MTI in China.
Main Responsibilities:
1. Lead the promotion and localization of ASC and MSC standards in China, starting from ASC certification of tilapia.
2. Design and oversee research on supply chains of relevant priority seafood commodities identified by WWF Market Transformation Initiative (MTI).
3. Support the development of mainland version of WWF’s Seafood Guide. 
4. Represent WWF CPO in the cooperation with existing partners in the seafood sector.
5. Help identify and engage new stakeholders from public and private sectors that can help CPO reach conservation goals in the field of sustainable seafood.
6. Communicate to stakeholders on sustainable seafood related messages through use of media, reports and tools such as Sustainable Seafood Guide as appropriate.
7. Perform other tasks as requested by the Sustainable Seafood and Marine Programme Lead.
Working Relationship:
1. Internal:  Report to the Sustainable Seafood and Marine Programme Director. The Director of Aquaculture in WWF US technically supports this post. Work closely with other members of MTI teams. Contact staff from communication, Development and Cooperate Engagement, finance and administration departments regularly.                         
2. External: Maintain good relationship with donors, build and maintain good relationship with partners and stakeholders, including government, ASC, MSC, seafood industry and leading retailers.
1. At least Master degree in aquaculture. Additional knowledge on fisheries and environment is highly valued.
2. At least 3 years’ work experience in seafood business.
3. Experience of independent project management is preferred.
4. Experience in building partnerships with government and seafood producers are preferred. 
5. Good coordination, communication and interpersonal skills.
6. Good computer skills in using Word, Excel, Power point and database software.
7. A high degree of personal integrity and commitment to conservation.
8. Ability for teamwork and learning is necessary.
9. Fluent spoken and written English and Mandarin Chinese.
Contact information:
Candidates should send a cover letter, CV in English and Chinese to 
Please indicate the applying position in title, salary expectation in Email and send them in attachment. 
Application deadline: 10th, August, 2012


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