Water Stewardship

Water stewardship aims to promoting private sector to reduce water footprint impacts.
Through collaboration with Water Footprint Network, Alliance of Water Stewardship and Global Water Roundtable, WWF is driving global processes to develop water footprinting tools and standards of water stewardship.

WWF’s Water Stewardship programme has been established on strong private sector work over the past three years. There are a number of factors that make this an opportune moment to roll-out an ambitious work programme and process, to engage Chinese private sector actors, international supply chain connections and foreign investors, to advance WWF’s strategic goals and proactively contribute to the sustainable use of China’s water resources.

The vision of the Water Stewardship programme is a private sector fully engaged in efforts to secure water for people and nature by recognizing and taking responsibility of their role in managing freshwater within the wider water cycle, and integrating the principles of good stewardship into their core business activities by taking responsibility to reduce the impacts of their own water footprints, taking voluntary action to conserve freshwater ecosystems, and participating in constructive public policy dialogue to improve water resource management.

The  objectives of the China Stewardship Programme include:
  • Create meaningful and widespread dialogue between the private and public sector on water risks and management
  • Demonstrate how Water Stewardship can deliver conservation wins in WWF’s priority river basins in China
  • Establish WWF as a leader on corporate water risk and stewardship in China by working with related governmental agencies, related stakeholders including corporate to promote policies and regulation for reduce water footprint and improve water use efficiency, influence each other by sharing technologies and experience, finally contribute to river basin management technically and financially.
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Director-general of WWF International James Leape exchanged gifts with Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei.
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