WWF China Newsletter Oct to Dec 2006

Posted on 31 December 2006

Highlights in this issue:

  • WWF Conferred GttE Award to Recognize Panda Protection in China
  • WWF’s Report Shows Human Footprint Too Big for Nature
  • Lake Hong Won Best Conservation Practice Award
  • WWF Vows to Continue Its Support to CCICED and SEPA
  • Organic Mandarins from WWF’s Alternative Livelihoods Exported
  • Leaders for a Living Planet Awarded in Jilin Province
  • Growing with Green China
  • Empty Search for Baiji Dolphin Signaled Warning for Finless Porpoise
  • WWF’s Alternative Livelihoods Programme Gets Spiced up
  • TCM Experts Speak against Captive Breeding of Tigers
  • New Chinese Law Aimed at Curbing Tiger Trade