Amur Leopard Family Video Captured in NE China

Posted on 28 May 2014   |  
 The videos, taken recently in Jilin Wangqing National Nature Reserve, show a Amur leopard family playing on the hill, said Jiang Guangshun, an expert of  Feline Research Center of State Forestry in China.
Jilin Wangqing National Nature Reserve is located in the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture and Huichun city. This is the second time that Amur leopard family videos are captured since last autumn.
Funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wangqing County Forestry Bureau (WCFB) set up more than 100 automatic infrared cameras in the forest to capture images of animals. These videos are part of it.
It is confirmed by Jiang Guangshun, this Amur leopard family is the family shot before. From the videos, the cub is about 13-month old and survives from last winter. This is an important evidence of wild Amur leopard successfully breeding in China, he said.
The Amur leopard, which mainly lives in Russia and China, is one of the world's mostendangered large cats. The total number living in the wild is believed to be less than 50 worldwide.    
The videos provide further evidence that Amur leopard family truly exists and inhabits in China.
WWF Ungulate Restoration Project has helped to improve the food abundance for big cats and promote the restoration of prey and habitat quality in this area, and for this reason, the frequency of occurrence of endangered wild animals has recently rises.
“In China, we carried out WWF Ungulate Restoration Project so as to restore the ungulate population. We believe when there is enough food and then Amur leopard will come back.” Head of WWF Northeast China Office, Ms Shi Quanhua remarks, “as an internationally significant protected species, Amur leopard has few population and is more threatened than Amur Tiger.”


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