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Driving Change Together
In today's increasingly competitive world, consumers, employees and shareholders are demanding companies demonstrate their corporate responsibility.

WWF sees a future where business makes a positive contribution to the well-being of society and the planet. WWF engages in innovative and challenging partnerships with the private sector, to address global threats to the environment, and forges partnerships for mutual benefit.

WWF is recognized worldwide for producing results and our corporate partners, who provide the means to conduct our work, contribute to our successes.

Join us for a living planet!

How can your business involve in WWF-China's Work?

Become a Corporate Partner of WWF China and help us make a difference for future generations.

Project Sponsors support a specific conservation project in line with their company vision. They provide financial support to enable WWF to undertake projects in areas such as wetlands restoration, renewable energy, forest conservation, sustainable development for communities, Panda protection…etc. WWF is currently running more than 40 projects and developing many new initiatives.

Corporate Alliance Membership Members of the Corporate Alliance help WWF pursue its conservation mission by providing extra funds needed to carry out conservation and communication work. The membership gives opportunities for companies’ staff to learn more about environmental protection, for senior executives to meet with like-minded visionaries from the corporate world and government and also offers communication platforms to demonstrate members’ corporate responsibility.

Panda Friend
Panda Friends support WWF through valuable donations of products and services helping WWF save precious financial resources.
WWF provides many benefits to companies joining its Corporate Partnership Programmes. 

Successful Cases of our business partnership. WWF views corporate support as an inseperable part of sustainable development. In addition to developing new partnerships, WWF-China has strenghtened many of its existing partnerships with companies including HSBC, the Coca-Cola, Carrefour,Tetrapak, Diageo, the Coca-Cola Company, Canon, and Panasonic.